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"I just want to say that this course is mind-blowing. I've been doing personal development for the past 11 years, and your school is next level. It's truly amazing." -Katie, Student.

As A Student at Om School You Will:


  • Break free of your anxiety, depression, and limited thinking.

  • Master the secrets of healing yourself and others

  • Pinpoint the root cause of any problem or obstacle (and clear it!)

  • Know where patterns of behavior were developed in childhood

  • Eliminate self-doubt and fear that holds you back

  • Connect with your highest self, and finally live your dream life

  • Gain clarity on your true purpose, with the strategy and tools needed to ascend

  • Learn how to forgive and let go of the past, while feeling excited for the future

  • Connect globally to a supportive community

  • Learn how to manifest limitless love and wealth 

  • Gain incredible confidence and intuition

  • Learn how to become a confident leader, and use your power for good​

  • Communicate your ideas to the world clearly with confidence



Skryrocket into your highest power. Unlock your confidence, intuition and soul purpose.

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Uncover the root cause of your limitations. Clear your blockages, release your trauma and suffering. 


Master your inner power. 


Uncover the secrets of business ascension for spiritual entrepreneurs. Become a legendary leader. Discover how to design a career of authentic purpose, impact, and fulfilment. Master inner confidence and financial freedom. 

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Engage in private encounters with Xamina and her personal growth mentors, and directly activate their most impactful perspectives into resolving your personal obstacles. 

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Here's What Our Students Say About Xamina Nova And Om School™

Life has completely changed today for me. In a few months of learning I feel like I’ve done years of therapy for this life and past lives . Even being so affordable is fate for me.. Xamina makes it so that you learn at your own pace and for me I jump right in to things I love. From being more present in the now, to knowing what I want for my life. I know how to shake off [triggers] and depression easier.  I know that if I can do it anyone can do it. Thank you OM School you have helped me discover I’m capable of so many things and I can give purpose to a higher calling, and that I had this power within me all along."


Alex, Student .

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Malik Sahir

"Working with Om School was a life altering experience. Each week opened my eyes to realizing my true self. It felt as if I received 20 years of therapy in just a few days. I had tried everything in the past to clear myself of the habits and mindset holding me back- now I feel like a completely new person. Thank you for introducing me to my true and divine self."

Natalia Coleman

"This program was everything I ever wanted. I learned how to heal myself, how to help heal others, and learned the history and science behind the culture I always admired, but never thought I would understand. This course has profoundly changed my life- I am healther, happier, and aligned with exactly what I want in life."

Andrea Hart

“You do not feel like you're online at all. It's like physically being in a classroom. The professor can be easily reached, and the format is well structured so it’s almost instinctive to successfully complete the courses. I learned more about myself in these past few months than ever before. I feel truly empowered.”

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E-Workbooks For Manifestation

Access to Student Esoteric Library 

Access to Private Community Board

Weekly Group Coaching 

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