Join Xamina in a 3 day Shamanic Plant Medicine retreat in the Mojave Desert to achieve GALACTIC BREAKTHROUGHS.

This is not just an event, this is an activation of your highest self... A dramatic shift into abundance in every area of your life.

ONLY 9 adventurous and determined students will be invited to completely change the world by changing their own lives.


3 DAYS of cosmic sorcery, plant medicine, shifts in consciousness, and designing a new universe inside and out.



Experience your highest power and ultimate truth.


Experience powerful shifts in all areas of your life.


Release into abundance, love, freedom, joy and CLARITY.

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime beautiful experience in a magickal, sacred space... with Xamina and friends!


Cosmic Powers Retreat is a full immersion experience using ancient wisdom and the guidance of sacred plant medicines to unleash abundance in all areas of one’s life.

Xamina works with your unique experience on the retreat to guide you into grounding into your purpose, grounding it into impact, and transforming that purpose into showing up in the world in a limitless way!

The Cosmic Powers Retreat,

Here’s how the whole journey goes: 

It’s a 3 day retreat in June 2021

We will be:

-- Tapping into higher levels of abundance

-- High level immersive environment

-- Training with Xamina to achieve mindset expertise

-- Deep Shamanic internal and external work

-- High level internal mindset rewiring work

-- Breathwork ceremonies

-- Plant medicine journeys

-- Shamanic massages

-- Abundance ancestry ceremonies

-- Rewiring of stuck unconscious emotions

-- Detoxing and cleansing

-- And much, much more...

Do you feel called to this opportunity?


Reserve your ceremony of rebirth for June 2021.

But be quick, as spaces are snapped up fast for this experience.

Credit Card or PayPal Credit Accepted with Flexible Payment Options.

Single Payment of $700  for Cosmic Powers Retreat

Two Payments of $400 for Cosmic Powers Retreat

Three Payments of $300 for Cosmic Powers Retreat

If you need another flexible plan that works for you, contact Xamina to work out the details of your deposit and get your seat reserved ASAP!