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Dear Future Coach,

All your life you’ve been a great resource for others. You’ve been a great listener. And your advice is usually on target.

But sometimes it’s frustrating because people don’t always follow what you suggest. Sometimes they even make things worse for themselves – even though you’ve given them some valuable strategies for personal change.

Most people who have a personal calling to help others wish they had more skills to help their clients change. And aside from a deeper bag of tricks, they wish for one thing…

The Ability To Help Clients Change On A Deeper Level


Malik Rotaru

"I enjoy listening to the classes. The course gives me an inner confidence and understanding when talking to others. I’m a much happier person. Highly recommend whether for your own personal development or as a change in career. So much more is offered than just the training. There’s a whole world of business and career advice too."

Xixi Kim

"Om School did not only help me realize my own power and completely cure my anxiety and depression... but also gave me a purpose to help others, and empower myself through my past trauma. I am making $163,000 a year working as a coach through their Alumni Program from home and while I travel! They gave me a new life and community."

James McDonough

"After taking the program, I can experience loss or negative feelings, and have the tools to immediately snap myself out of it. I am so grateful for Om School, it changed my life. It has been a life changing experience I feel honored to be a part of such a fantastic group of people. This training is taking me to a whole new level."

What’s Our Training Really About?

Let me tell you the most important things we impart in the Core Training.


We install in you the ironclad confidence to handle virtually any problem that comes your way. We do this by showing you how there are patterns and strategies associated with every single situation you will deal with. When you recognize the strategies your clients need, they experience profound changes.

Behind every obstacle your clients present is a behavioral pattern. We teach you what to look for and how to give your clients strategies that will give them a new behavioral pattern. These strategies have been proven and tested on thousands of clients.

When you know what to look for, it becomes easy. You are giving your clients proven strategies for their lives. Your clients will love how you work with them.



You’re getting the best training in the industry. It’s no secret. There are lots of people jumping in to issue trainings and certifications these days.

We are the industry leaders in training coaches because we are on a mission – to raise the consciousness of the planet by teaching people how to live an enhanced lifestyle.


As a graduate of Core 100 you receive a Certificate of Completion from Om School Training. This is the leading brand in coach training, and a certificate that is enthusiastically recognized by millions of coaching clients. However, if you have a college degree you can also qualify to take the exam to be certified as a Board Certified Coach. This means you would get to put the letters “B.C.C.” after your name (standing for Board Certified Coach). This is the most rigorously tested independent verification of coaching skills in the industry, coming from the same institution that certifies all types of Counselors. Having one (or both) of these certificates will show the world that you are well-trained professional life coach.

This Program is Perfect For You If:

  • You already know you want to be a coach and help people on a deep and profound level.

  • You know that as you help each client, you are helping transform the world.

  • You want to help clients experience more love, personal freedom, and greater fulfillment.

  • You want to make more money and love what you do.

  • You want your clients to bring you more clients so you grow your business through raving fans.

  • You want to train with the most highly respected names in the world of professional coaching.

  • You want a step-by-step action plan to creating a successful business.

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