It's Time To See Your Own Light

  • Clear yourself from the invisible blockages that have caused you to feel lost, anxious or insecure. 

  • Uncover the root cause of feelings of emptiness.

  • Learn how to feel whole and complete. 

  • Learn how to stop sabatoging your life

  • Transform the darkness into light, and have complete control of your emotions and environment

  • Replace compulsive habits of eating, bad relationships or overindulging with a feeling that YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

A Letter From Our Founder...

Dear Seeker,


My name is Xamina Nova and my mission is to transform your life. Before being introduced to energy healing, I was a product of self-sabotage and anxiety. Jobs, relationships, friendships, family and money were near impossible to hold onto. My daily actions and behavior were reactions to past trauma, and as a result I lost everything I cared for.  


Therapists, medication, and traditional education had all failed me in improving my situation. I decided to stop looking outside of myself for the answer. I took a deep dive into spiritual practices, and discovered that the answer to all human suffering is within.

In 2012 I began working professionally as a healer, and have since dedicated my life to helping others enjoy the same sense of freedom, joy and peace within themselves. Each of us has a light, and all we need is guidance to access the love within ourselves. While every humans' circumstances, traumas, and lives are drastically different, the key to personal transformation is universal. ​ I look forward to joining you on this journey!

Love and light,


Xamina Nova

President and Founder