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Book a free session to heal, align and manifest with your own private Om Coach. 

During your FREE Private Healing Session you will...

  • Uncover the root cause of your limitations 

  • Design your dream life, along with an easy strategy to skyrocket you to achieving your goals

  • Learn how to transform your fears into power

  • Realize your true self, with clear direction and clarity on what you want 

  • Develop a personalized strategy to feel peace, clarity and happiness in every day life

  • Leave the call with a deep understand of yourself and a bright outlook on your future

About Your Spririt Guide


Grace is a Certified Business and Wealth Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Reiki, Certified Om Energy healing and Chakra Balancing Lightworker.


Grace specializes in unblocking the patterns and destructive behaviors that limit students from Financial Freedom.


Her interests include Yoga and meditation.

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"Xamina helped me get to the bottom of my fears. It was like the only part missing that I needed to become the best version of myself. Applying all the tools
and techniques that helped me change my mindset, now I am able to teach others successfully... Thanks to her, now the way I think and see
life has changed positively in a short period of time.” Grace.



Let Grace bring you clarity on your journey, and share the secrets he has learned in his training with you. The strategies Grace has uncovered and mastered can be applied to your life TODAY. 

Book your free session with Grace now, and begin the next chapter in your Dream Life.

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