Completely Transform Your Life! Guaranteed.

Hearing the lessons on how to do the work is one thing, but creating true and lasting change in your life takes dedication and commitment. 


For those who feel stuck in creating real transformation, as a mentor I will guarantee change.


Through easy and clear steps, you will see your goals more clearly.


You will build confidence and a positive mindset, and I will give you the secrets and strategies to lasting success.


With only one session you will achieve life-changing clarity and perspective. 

A Letter From Xamina...

Dear Seeker,


My name is Xamina Nova and my mission is to transform your life. Before being introduced to energy healing, I was a product of self-sabotage and anxiety. Jobs, relationships, friendships, family and money were near impossible to hold onto. My daily actions and behavior were reactions to past trauma, and as a result I lost everything I cared for.  


Therapists, medication, and traditional education had all failed me in improving my situation. I decided to stop looking outside of myself for the answer. I took a deep dive into spiritual practices, and discovered that the answer to all human suffering is within.

In 2012 I began working professionally as a healer, and have since dedicated my life to helping others enjoy the same sense of freedom, joy and peace within themselves. Each of us has a light, and all we need is guidance to access the love within ourselves. While every humans' circumstances, traumas, and lives are drastically different, the key to personal transformation is universal. ​ I look forward to joining you on this journey!

Love and light,


Xamina Nova

President and Founder

Here's What Our Students Say About Xamina Nova And Om School™
Malik Sahir

"Working with Om School was a life altering experience. Each week opened my eyes to realizing my true self. It felt as if I received 20 years of therapy in just a few days. I had tried everything in the past to clear myself of the habits and mindset holding me back- now I feel like a completely new person. Thank you for introducing me to my true and divine self."

Natalia Coleman

"This program was everything I ever wanted. I learned how to heal myself, how to help heal others, and learned the history and science behind the culture I always admired, but never thought I would understand. This course has profoundly changed my life- I am healther, happier, and aligned with exactly what I want in life."

Andrea Hart

“You do not feel like you're online at all. It's like physically being in a classroom. The professor can be easily reached, and the format is well structured so it’s almost instinctive to successfully complete the courses. I learned more about myself in these past few months than ever before. I feel truly empowered.”


During our session we will discover the root cause of the obstacles holding you back. Gain clarity and a receive an easy strategy to implement right away. Receive healing to clear yourself of unconscious blockages. Manifest abundance and gain confidence.


45 Minute Session on Zoom including Chakra Reading, Clarity Session & Strategy 

Access to Xamina's Private Number to check-in and ask follow-up questions

Exclusive Access to our VIP workshops including Business Ascension, Coach Training, and Soul Purpose Discovery

-Includes VIP Diamond Membership  to our intensive healing programs and classes


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