Heart Chakra Lecture
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I’m sorry sorry there is no video for today, my son is in the hospital overnight. I am posting the lecture in audio format. My team is helping to update our videos and renew the platform, so expect great improvements in the following weeks to come, along with a video for this weeks class. Feel free to send any suggestions of what you would like to see in our video and our updates. Next week we are releasing a new workbook dedicated to manifestation! Sending love to everyone and thank you for your support and understanding.




Here is a worksheet from Byron Katie. It is a practice in questioning your own judgements and negative thoughts. A great way to open up blocked off energy in the heart chakra. 


This track features Tibetan singing bowls designed for Heart Chakra Healing and Tuning. The Frequencies include 320Hz, Solfeggio Frequency of 528Hz and other harmonics and image frequencies.


Sit Comfortably or lie on the bed. Take a few deep breaths and let you breathing and heart rate calm down. Close your eyes and let all the distracting thought out of your mind. At this time, play the track. As the track starts playing take you focus on the HEART Chakra Location. Along with the sound vibrations of the singing bowls visualize Heart Chakra is getting bigger and filled with bright yellow color. As the sound fades off, visualise all the red energy is moving up the spine, spreading it warmth, its heat throughout your body.



If your thoughts are racing, be mindful of what is popping up in your mind, and then bring yourself back to the yellow light whenever you can remember to. If you allow yourself to open up, and let the vibrations penetrate your root chakra, eventually you will have powerful realizations. Give yourself time. 

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