Since 2012, we have trained over 5,000 students. At Om School we began as a healing program, but the greatest way to transform your lifestyle and mental well-being is to become a coach yourself! To help others brings pleasantness and joy from within, pleasantness in your surroundings and lifestyle, and you will be helping others change their lives too. With this incredible impact our program has on so many lives, we take the responsibility of being your educator very seriously.

We believe that it takes a community to make an individual coach succeed. As an Om School student you will get a community of Master Teachers, fellow students, and expert advisers. We will be your guides, inspiration, your friends, your colleagues and your bouncing board as you learn cutting-edge strategies for creating positive changes in yourself and others.

Our promise is that you will start seeing improvements in yourself from the very start, and that you will quickly transform your ability to influence, lead, and create positive change in those around you.


My name is Xamina Nova, and I am the founder of Om School. I developed this universal, strategic strategy while discovering a way to get myself out of my own trauma. Through the success of my own story, I began helping others using the same concepts. I saw the great impact this had on the lives of everyone around me. Friends, family, and even strangers I met would ask me how to create this type of transformation in their lives, and it worked, the impact was life changing.


I spent a life trying every method possible to harness my own emotions. Therapy, medication, self help books, breathing exercises, psychologists, yoga, and psychics.. they all provided momentary relief, but the core issues always resurfaced in a new way. Therapy and studying psychology gave me the insight as to where my problems were coming from, but did not provide a resolution.


I suffered from suicidal thoughts and attempts, every eating disorder, addicted to every drug, toxic and violent relationships, crippling anxiety, money insecurity, and unstable living situations. I was diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, ADD and put on medications they said I would need the rest of my life.

When nothing else worked, I made it my number one priority to finally cure myself. I realized that the answer to my problems could only be cured with my own mental power. Though insecurity we seek answers from others who we believe know better than us because they have a license or a degree. No one can make the connections between your past, present and future better than you. No one can give you bliss in every moment other than yourself. When your therapy session is over, when the money is gone, when the relationship ends... you are still left with yourself and your own mindset. By discovering that happiness and the answer to your suffering is within yourself, you will not only cure your chronic problems, but also empower yourself by realizing your true ability and value.


After years of trial and error, I finally unlocked the key. After a few months of intense self-realization my relationships, career, mental health, habits, patterns and success with money skyrocketed. I realized I developed a system that works for every human being no matter what their condition is and no matter what their issues are. This is because it treats the root cause of our problems rather than the symptom.

The details of everyone’s story is different. We are all unique, But we all want the same thing.
We all need to find balance. We can all create this balance with love, confidence, security, and happiness. We are all are human and if we treat the deep-seeded root cause of our problems the negative thinking, bad habits, addictions and toxic patterns will simply disappear.

The information you will discover in this program will change your life, and the help you receive will last a lifetime. The tools you are given are something you can always come back to for the rest of Your life, no matter what trauma or hardships you may face in the future. You will be able to look at this moment as see how far you have come.

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