On this page, you will have access to all of the classes for the month of April (Week's I and II so far). As a student and member, you will have lifetime and unlimited access to the material. While you can open material from past weeks, you can not skip ahead to future weeks.  For the schedule of classes click here.

Welcome Om Student!

Week I: Intro to Alchemy - Transforming Fear

Please enjoy an introductory lesson to the the power of the mind, and your ability to transform fear and insecurity into feelings of love and limitless power. I apologize for a lack of professional quality, as we do not have access to better resources during the COVID pandemic. If anyone has questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to contact me directly at info.omschool@gmail.com. Below is access to your supplemental materials and resources for the week- please introduce yourself in the group discussion. Stay safe and strong. 

Love x Xamina


Each student is provided with a workbook, or Book of Shadows.

Traditonally, a Book of Shadows is used in Pagan or Wiccan Covens and contains magick rituals and spells. It is common for every member of the coven to create his or her own Book of Shadows. At Om School, we will send you a new chapter each week, filled with worksheets, meditations, and journaling. By the end of the program, you will have completed your very own Book of Shadows, with all of your secrets for healing, aligning and manifestation.

*In lieu of the full moon mediation the workbook has been updated with for solitary manifestation instructions.

magick cver.jpg

Discover the magical papyri from Graeco-Egyptian literature of the second-fifth centuries of AD. In light of the full moon, provided is an excerpt from Magical Hymns from Roman Egypt, exposing a fourth century spell summoning the lunar goddess Selene.


This month we are reading:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruez

Please join us in Esoteric Book Club  to share thoughts, meaning and how to apply The Four agreement to our daily lives. 

Weekly online Forum including group discussions, questions and Esoteric Book Club.

Please introduce yourself to the community in the Welcome Forum. Feel free to share your background, thoughts or reasons that brought you here today. Let's use the support of the community to transform our energy. 

Group coaching call every Friday at 3PM EST. 

Learn how to apply the techniques we learn in class to your personal journey of transformation.

Stay up to date with live group meditations on the full moon and more.