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About Your Spirit Guide


Kristina's interests are meditation, yoga, quantum physics, changing mindset, affirmation, childhood trauma healing, emotional release, chakra system, singing bowls, gong baths and shamanic drumming, tea ceremonies, photography, videography, holistic beauty, and nutrition. 

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"Life has completely changed today for me. In a few months of learning I feel like I’ve done years of therapy for this life and past lives . Even being so affordable is fate for me.. Xamina makes it so that you learn at your own pace and for me I jump right in to things I love. From being more present in the now, to knowing what I want for my life. I know how to shake off [triggers] and depression easier.  I know that if I can do it anyone can do it. Thank you OM School you have helped me discover I’m capable of so many things and I can give purpose to a higher calling, and that I had this power within me all along" Alex.
I came to London when I was 19 in search for freedom. I wanted to live and explore. After one year, managing to study, having a job which allowed me to pay for my shitty small room and to go out, I though I did right, I am doing alright, you know? I keep everything in balance, however after visiting my loved ones, I realized they didn't think the same way. I was trying to explain to them that this is just a very tiny first step and that I can achieve much more. After so many suspicions and accusations throughout my life, I felt very unworthy. 
On the same weekend, I went to a rave and you probably already guessed, it followed by sleepless nights partying basically not giving a F anymore. 
Suddenly, I found myself being in a very negative headspace. Constantly talking down to myself, comparing myself and my life to others, being jealous, feeling ugly and depressed, always feeling not good enough. I was searching for validation and approval. 
My dog in the other room was a reminder to keep my head above the water in the bathroom. I was insecure, taking everything personally, playing the victim. During these 10 years I realized that I had to get away from this mindset. I've started with yoga, singing bowls and gong baths, theta healing, bioenergy cleansing, bach flowers, hypnotherapy, to name a few. I wanted more, I wanted to find out the root cause and dive deep into my inner world. Luckily I came across @_omschool which helped me to discover so much about myself, transform my energy into a more positive one. I am managing not to let the judging voice to overtake my day. I'm no more anxious as I am capable of slowing down and analyse the situation from different aspects and see for what it is rather than let my imagination run wild. 
 I would like to share more about this journey with you.



Let Kristina bring you clarity on your journey, and share the secrets she has learned in her training with you. The strategies Kristina has uncovered and mastered can be applied to your life TODAY. 

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