Manifesting Millions

JOIN AN INNER CIRCLE OF LEADERS who want to step up into their highest purpose, and make a huge impact on the planet by surrendering and serving the world....




This is for people who are ready to activate their next level regardless of fear. Who want to change the world and know their position as a leader serving and helping millions of people is ready to be unleashed.


You will work closely with Xamina, and a group of powerful magicians to create a huge shift in your life and the world.


You will have access to Xamina DAILY to keep your head up, keep your mindset in check, and continue upwards on your path of greatness.


We will be partnered in keeping positive and resolving obstacles. Turn DARK DAYS WHEN YOU WANT TO QUIT, and cry, and give up.... into the most profitable, resourceful and life-changing days of the year. 

We will be designing your 7-8 figure business, organizing fundraisers and charitable events, and doing activation work every week to continue on an upwards spiral of continuous growth.

This is not for those who feel “they are okay right now where they are”. This is for those who feel they will never grow enough and that there is always more potential and a higher level to unlock. Those who are determined to go big and are ready for it. You may not know what it looks like yet, but you know it is your destiny to unlock it.

You may have always been attracted to EXTREMES in the past. Extreme sadness, extreme recklessness, or have been extremely creative and wise. It is time to focus your energy in the right direction. It is time to step up as a leader and make an EXTREMELY POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE WORLD.

Xamina will work with you one-on-one to create your multi-million dollar business, and become a partner in helping each other grow, succeed and take it to the next level every time. When you feel that you won’t make it, or things are crashing down, you will have the support of you inner circle masterminds (including you!) to bring you up and out. This inner circle is the most immersive experience yet.


We will learn sorcery and magick that others may not be ready for. We will attain the highest level of secret knowledge and uncover the deepest mysteries of true success.


This is only for those who are passionate and determined to make this happen no matter what, who have a vision of changing the world no matter what it takes. Those who are not 100% positive and ready now will not be able to join.


Stay in touch with Xamina as much as you’d like with as many questions as you’d like.


Keep with the light as your create your new life and








This is a soulmate tribe that will work together to change lives, the earth, and reprogram THE WORLD.

For this project it is $99 so you can learn how to make more. This is an investment


.Xamina will teach you that from now on when you receive money, how to use it to grow and make it into more.


How to tap into energetic abundance and receive the strategies to make it.


Manifesting Millions is our next HUGE project.


Xamina has never talked about how to actually make money before or given meditations to activate your own money-making machine. She knows this works because she has single-handedly made a 6-figure business in only 6 months (starting with ZERO DOLLARS, ZERO HELP, AND ZERO FOLLOWERS).


As she grows, she will show you all of the secrets you can use to apply to your own business and yourself. Yes this includes all of our business ascension programs but it is so much more than that... this is all about activating your potential to reach millions and make millions.


Recalibrate to become INFINITE. 

Join the Manifesting Millions Project for only $99. 

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Manifesting Millions for only $99.


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