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"I just want to say that this course is mind-blowing. I've been doing personal development for the past 11 years, and your school is next level. It's truly amazing." -Katie, Student.

Introducing The Inner Alchemy Certification Program™ 


We want to help you! In response to the pandemic, we are offering an incredible limited time offer.

Receive one year of classes, weekly coaching, community, workbook and library...


 For a one-time fee of only $22. (A $1,643 value!). 



 This donation will emit 10 tons of CO2 over the trees' lifetime, and provide reforestation for animals who lost their habitats! In support of 8Billion Trees. 

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One year of classes.

Lifetime transformation.

The core value of Om School is finding the one hidden truth within all cultures and religions.


We teach how all practices intertwine, and uncover the commonality of these universal secrets.


In this way we are able to help and heal people as humans, with any issue, any trauma or any “impossible” situation.


Through energetic healing, based on the core principles of the Chakra systems (and how this energetic system is seen in every culture with another name)... we are able to cure the ROOT cause of limitations, patterns and disorders.  (The root cause being a lack of love for your true self in response to programs learned in childhood).


We work to help people understand more about themselves and the patterns of human behavior.


We empower people to realize that the key lie within themselves. and give the tools and guidance needed to unlock the answers within. 

Here’s What Your 12

Month Intensive Looks Like:


Cosmic Energy Healing

Break your bad habits, addictions and toxic relationships. While other programs may tell you to quit something you are not ready to give up... I will teach you the tricks needed to love and value yourself. Once you are in alignment with your TRUE power, you will no longer be attracted to any self-sabatoging habits. You will naturally quit them without even trying, because you will feel whole and complete from within.


Law of Attraction & Manifesting Abundance

Learn how to apply the Law of Attraction to every area of your life. Become a magnet for success, love, wealth, joy, beauty and happiness. Open yourself up to receiving love and abundance. Learn how to fulfill and value yourself on a daily basis. 


Opening the Gates to Psychic Energy

Apply your understanding of mysticism and magick to every day life. Learn how to tap into your power as a psychic, and explore the practices of mystic cultures from around the world. Discover the one hidden truth among them all: that you have the power of infinite light and power within you. It is time to work as your highest self.


Shamanism & Spiritual Medicine 

Learn how to use plant medicine and herbs to live more holistically, connect with the earth, and access the highest dimension of astral projection. Learn how to naturally create DMT within the brain, and access your spirit guides to connect you to your highest power. 


Theology and Spirituality

The foundation of the occult, freemasons, and all mysticism... The basis of all belief, all truth, and "the absolute" is the one hidden truth that is found in all cultures, religions, and sects of mystic practices. We will explore the history of the occult within all cultures and spiritual leaders in an effort to uncover the truth.


Inner Alchemy Fundamentals

Clear your limitations, fears, and insecurities.  Learn how to create an "abundance" mindset, and move away from feelings of scarcity or insecurity. We will uncover the root cause of all your hidden limitations and blockages. The invisible wall that has been holding you back will be taken down, and you will create a solid and safe foundation to build your dreams upon. 


Ancient Esoteric Wisdom of the Occult

Access the Akashic Records and learn to skyrocket your intuitive powers with an understanding of Ancient Symbolism. Learn to not only let go of your past, but embrace it and use it as a tool to skyrocket your confidence, career and purpose in the world. Understand how the suffering you have endured is part of the story that unfolds your success, true purpose, and unlimited confidence. 


Soul Purpose & Accessing Akashic Records

All of your obstacles and experiences intertwine into a unique story that creates your Soul's Purpose. You were born with a special gift. Unlock your limitless potential and focus on what you came to this earth to do. This is the time to embrace your true power, and see yourself thrive with unlimited potential. 


Spells and Rituals

Learn how to use symbolism, sacred geometry, ancient practices and techniques for manifesting that which you are aligned with. Learn how to transform suffering into happiness, emptiness into fulfillment, and scarcity into abundance. 


Divinatory Arts 

Hone your skills and gain confidence as a natural psychic. Tap into the unknown with skills passed down from the ancient world, tapping into the infinite and eternal knowledge that you already have within!

Do you find yourself feel anxious, depressed, or look for things to satisfy a feeling of emptiness?

Do you want to finally cure the root of the problem, so you can help others?

At Om School, we teach you how to overcoming the issues of your past,

so you can get into alignment with your true self,

and manifest a future of abundance. 

-Learn how to cure behavioral disorders, stress, fear, addiction and co-dependent habits from the root source

-Learn how your childhood has programmed your current environment

-Learn how to forgive and overcome the obstacles or abuse of your past

Learn how to align with your true purpose, and live a life of happiness, abundance, love and wealth

-Learn how to connect and enhance your intuitive, psychic and energetic healing powers

-Discover opportunities for career transformation

-Connect with a loving community and coach with 24/7 support


Strategies for Limitless Abundance 

The mystic arts must be balanced with strategy and logic for ultimate success. Learn how to implement your infinite knowledge to daily practices for achieving true greatness. Learn how to set up a business to allow for the most impact, success, and 


Achieving Your Dream Life 

The last step in healing and manifestation is to help others. Learn how to use your wisdom and natural gifts to give back to the world. Raise the vibration of the universe at large to ascend to your highest power, and truly see the affects of your intentions take root. Discover all of the secrets, strategies and steps to creating a career as a healer and mystic. You have the power to achieve greatness within yourself and others. 


What Your Membership Includes:

Weekly Live Lecture & Recorded with Lifetime Access

Weekly Group Coaching and Q&A

One entire year of classes including Energy Healing, Mysticism & Inner Alchemy

Access to our Esoteric Library and Book Club

Library of Guided Meditations

Private Community Discussion Board

24/7 Support of the Instructor

Lifetime Access to the materials

Certificate of Completion of Inner Alchemy from Om School


The Bible of You

A Guided E-Workbook for Manifestion

Schedule of Mysticism Classes​....


Basics of Manifestation

Generational Trauma Healing

Ancient Symbolism: Planets, Animals, Iconography 


Past Lives, Soul Contracts and Akashic Record

 Tantric Healing Theta Healing, Psychometry

Astral Projection, Parallel Lives & Quantum Jumping

Integrated Energy Therapy with Archangels, Aura Strengthening



Secrets of the Illuminati and Freemasons

Seals of Solomon and The Kabbalah

Tantric Magick

Yin & Yang, Feng Shui and the Ba Gua


Jewish Mysticism: The Kabbalah and the Zohar

Catholic Mysticism 

 Islamic and Egyptian Mysticism

The History of Magick



Covens, Practices and Rituals 

Crystals, Herbs and Candles

Magickal Foods and Potions

Creating Spells Online Workshop



DMT: How to Create it Naturally, & Psychedelics in Religion

Plant medicines and herbal remedies

Ceremonial herbs and plants





How-to Astrology

Tarot Reading

 Dream Interpretation



The Lost Texts & Secrets of Spiritual Leaders

Gods, Goddesses, Deities and Angels

Theology and the intersecting key of religions

Sacred Geometry



Law of Attraction: Understanding the Secret

 Harnessing Sexual Energy and Tantric Healing

Natural Beauty with Nutrition and Herbal Remedies

Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Karmic Partners 



Clearing Residual Money Blockages

The Laws of Manifestation: The Manual to Creating your Dream Life

Strategy Session: How to Create Limitless Wealth

Strategy Session: Creating Your New Life

Chakra Healing + Inner Alchemy Classes

Intro to Alchemy:

Transforming  Fear, Instability and Insecurity

Fundamentals of Energy Healing:

Understanding Chakra Balancing and Transforming Energy 

Root Chakra:

Wounded Inner Child Healing and Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energies 

Sacral Chakra:

Healing addiction, bad habits and co-dependent behavior

Solar Plexus:

Learning Forgiveness and Releasing Trauma

Heart Chakra:

Opening up to Receiving Love &  The Law of Attraction

Throat Chakta:

Discovering Your True Purpose

Third Eye:

Opening the Gates to Psychic Energy

Crown Chakra

Enlightenment and Transforming Your Inner Light Into Universal Love

A Letter From Our Founder...

Dear Seeker,


My name is Xamina Nova and my mission is to transform your life. Before being introduced to energy healing, I was a product of self-sabotage and anxiety. Jobs, relationships, friendships, family and money were near impossible to hold onto. My daily actions and behavior were reactions to past trauma, and as a result I lost everything I cared for.  


Therapists, medication, and traditional education had all failed me in improving my situation. I decided to stop looking outside of myself for the answer. I took a deep dive into spiritual practices, and discovered that the answer to all human suffering is within.

In 2012 I began working professionally as a healer, and have since dedicated my life to helping others enjoy the same sense of freedom, joy and peace within themselves. Each of us has a light, and all we need is guidance to access the love within ourselves. While every humans' circumstances, traumas, and lives are drastically different, the key to personal transformation is universal. ​ I look forward to joining you on this journey!

Love and light,


Xamina Nova

President and Founder

Here's What Our Students Say About Xamina Nova And Om School™
Malik Sahir

"Working with Om School was a life altering experience. Each week opened my eyes to realizing my true self. It felt as if I received 20 years of therapy in just a few days. I had tried everything in the past to clear myself of the habits and mindset holding me back- now I feel like a completely new person. Thank you for introducing me to my true and divine self."

Natalia Coleman

"This program was everything I ever wanted. I learned how to heal myself, how to help heal others, and learned the history and science behind the culture I always admired, but never thought I would understand. This course has profoundly changed my life- I am healther, happier, and aligned with exactly what I want in life."

Andrea Hart

“You do not feel like you're online at all. It's like physically being in a classroom. The professor can be easily reached, and the format is well structured so it’s almost instinctive to successfully complete the courses. I learned more about myself in these past few months than ever before. I feel truly empowered.”


Xamina Nova has worked as a practicioner, life coach, and energy healer since 2012. She has a Bachelors' in Metaphysical Philosophy from The New School and a Masters' in Feng Shui and Conceptual Design from the New York School of Interior Design. She is a Master Tarot Reader and Energy Healing Practitioner certified in Kundalini, DNA Theta Healing, Akashic Records, 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing, and NLP Coaching. During her studies she served as a High Priestess of The Pagan Temple of New York, where she taught manifestation and meditation. Her work is deeply inspired by her interest in esoteric literature, high magick, astral projection, ancient philosophy and through her personal spiritual practices. She currently works with clients privately to heal trauma based behavior using NLP Coaching and Chakra Balancing techniques.

About Your Instructor...
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