Engage in private encounters with Xamina and her personal growth mentors, and directly activate their most impactful perspectives into resolving your personal obstacles. 

Free Healing Session

Book a free session to heal, align and manifest with your own private Om Coach. 

During your FREE Private Healing Session you will...

  • Uncover the root cause of your limitations 

  • Design your dream life, along with an easy strategy to skyrocket you to achieving your goals

  • Learn how to transform your fears into power

  • Realize your true self, with clear direction and clarity on what you want 

  • Develop a personalized strategy to feel peace, clarity and happiness in every day life

  • Leave the call with a deep understand of yourself and a bright outlook on your future

"Life has completely changed today for me. I feel like I’ve done years of therapy for this life and past lives . From being more present in the now, to knowing what I want for my life. I know how to shake off [triggers] and depression easier.  I know that if I can do it anyone can do it. Thank you OM School you have helped me discover I’m capable of so many things and I can give purpose to a higher calling, and that I had this power within me all along" Alex.



Let our world-class, ceritifed Om Coaches and Spirit Guides bring you clarity on your journey, and share the secrets learned with you. The strategies our guides have uncovered and mastered can be applied to your life TODAY. 

Book your free session with now, and begin the next chapter in your Dream Life.

Book your free Healing Session. Based on your interests, you will be assigned to your own specialized Om Coach to guide you through your journey. 

During your 45 minute audio session on Zoom, you will uncover the root cause of your obstacles, and create an easy strategy to achieve your goals at Om School. 

Receive instant access to unlimited classes, community, library, workshops and weekly group coaching. You will have an instructor and supportive community to check in with every step of the way.

You Can Have It All!

Get $3,000 worth of programs over the next year for just .50 CENTS a day with the All Access Om Pass. Subscribe now for unlimited access to Om School’s entire vault of programs. Each program is designed to be best in the world in its field - whether it's training in Healing, Manifestation, Abundance, Mentoring, Alchemy, Ancient Magick or Spiritual Ascension. Become the best version of yourself this year.

  • Receive your private guide and unlimited access to all programs

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