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The Key To Happiness is Giving

“When you think of how to help others overcome the same obstacles you have faced, you transform your own suffering into purpose - and this experience is true fulfillment". 


Our Mission

The Om Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to empower individuals, and to make a significant difference in the quality of life of people often forgotten. We’re dedicated to creating positive changes in the lives of youth, the those who struggle with mental health issues, and the imprisoned population, all who need a boost envisioning a happier and deeply satisfying way of life.​ We work to connect people back to true nature, both within themselves and through positive environmental impact.

Our Progress

1,000 Books Donated. 


10,000 Trees Planted.

Golden Chakra

2,000+ Impacted Students All Over the World.

School Kids Meditating

Our Programs


Helping kids transform their negative emotions into positive impacts.


Helping people to realize they have a purpose here, and support them in fulfilling their potential so they can find the joy in life again.




Spreading the message of healing and transformation for incarcerated youth.



Thank you letter from Xamina and Membership to the foundation



All Access Pass - includes all new programs in 2021



Business or Healing Private Session with Xamina



Membership to Om Elite, with monthly subscription based gifts and meetings with Xamina, as well as VIP invitations to private events.



(Everything above PLUS)... Exclusive Membership on the Board of Trustees and Founding Partners. Become a part of an inner circle working towards abundance, generousity and making a global impact. As well as Private training and partnership with Xamina to activate highest self in business and personal, with daily check-in.