We are dedicated to providing the key to personal transformation. We believe every human is intrinsically enlightened and holds the power to transform their mindset, lives, community and the world. 


Om School is dedicated to influencing personal transformation, connection with the community, and the ability to make change in the world. We believe the key to happiness is found through tranforming your mindset, discovering your purpose and helping others. We believe inner peace manifests outer beauty. By uncovering the deepest root cause of your issues, you will create a positive impact on every area of your life and others. 


Jessie Anna Mac created the Om School program after years of finding that traditional methods did not work to truly heal the root cause of her own issues. While therapists, psychologists, medication, and holistic practices were treating the symptoms of an unbalanced life, the core issue always remained and manifested in new ways. Jessie set out to treat the root cause of her own imbalances one issue at a time, with the goal to be able to help others. During her personal transformation she discovered that every aspect was holistically intertwined, and developed a system that could treat every human being from the deepest root of their issues. 

Jessie Anna Mac founded the Om School after receiving a Master's Degree in Interior Architectural Design with a concentration in Environmental and Sustainable Design from the New York School of Interior Design. Paired with a Bachelor's in Philosophy, concentrating on consciousness studies and metaphysics from The New School, her dedication to her education allowed for an all-encompassing solution to the problem of human suffering.


Her background in environmental design and sustainability gives her the insight to connect mindset, built environment, and impact on the earth. Her background in philosophy began the journey of creating a system to uncover one's authentic and true nature. Her journey allowed her to professionally design a world that transforms every aspect of life.


This concept of transforming your mindset and environment holistically is what founded the idea that inner beauty manifests outer beauty.


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