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April | Week II

Week II: The Fundamentals of Chakras:

Access Your Ultimate Truth

Please enjoy this lecture explaining the fundamentals of navigating between love and fear, unhappiness and truth.  In this lesson you will understand how to access your ultimate truth,  how to use the chakras to transform your behavior, emotions and physical symptoms, and how to create your own meditations specific to your issues. For new students, please feel free to check out last week's introductory course and introduce yourself in group discussion. Always feel free to reach out with comments, questions or suggestions. 

Love x Xamina


This week's worksheet is an exercise in transforming your problems into truths, fears into love. New students can download last week's worksheets in April Week I. 


This track features tibetan singing bowls designed for Root Chakra Healing and Tuning. The Frequencies include 256Hz, Solfeggio Frequency of 396Hz and other harmonics and image frequencies.


Sit Comfortably or lie on the bed, in the dark with no interruptions. Take a few deep breaths and let your breathing and heart rate calm down. Close your eyes and let all the distracting out of your mind. At this time, play the track. As the track starts playing take your focus on the Root Chakra Location - which is located at the base of the spine, and and projects down to the floor in a cone shape . Along with the sound vibrations of the singing bowls visualize root chakra is getting bigger and filled with bright red color. As the sound fades off, visualize all the red energy is moving up the spine, spreading it warmth, its heat throughout your body.


If your thoughts are racing, be mindful of what is popping up in your mind, and then bring yourself back to the red light whenever you can remember to. If you allow yourself to open up, and let the vibrations penetrate your root chakra, eventually you will have powerful realizations. Give yourself time. 

*Below is a YoutTube link to the track - I will also send out an mp4 downloadable version via email, as the website would not support this file.


This month we are reading:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruez

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