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SSAMM – Alexandre’s - mission is to tell others stories through her own and to open the door for people that she can support to help them use their maximum potential, raise the universe’s vibrations and heal the world. She has been studying communication for years and started working on her own energy work 10 years ago. Rita arrived to the US 5 years ago to accomplish her Master in Fine Arts in Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and become an Actor with a Filmmaker Mindset. With her Bachelor in Communication and Design and Master in International Relations, Diplomacy and Public Image, she embarked on a journey that led her to her certification as an Angel Therapist, as well as several seminars and courses including the High Priestess and Om School Coach certification. Her award-winning
Film “Shadow Wall” demonstrates what she calls "Magick and Miracles – a how to be the best version of yourself, deal with fear, show vulnerability and overcome obstacles in order to merge that version with her your higher self." SSAMM also wrote a chapter in the book “Girl, get up and win”, which is also an Amazon best seller and has had several local book launching events in the US. She has been recognized in two pageants: Miss Infinity International and Miss Enchantment. She genuinely enjoys giving, volunteering and serving others to elevate our vibrations, live our best life and most important of all: the
best version of ourselves. Philanthropy complements her careers and businesses. She firmly believes that the Entertainment Industry is also created to Educate and bring Awareness in many subjects that need to be discussed. Artists have the responsibility to deliver this message and Art is totally in tune with Spirituality. That is why she also became a life coach and continues studying several disciplines.


is so lucky and blessed to teach you how to apply the Secret for every single are in your life! So, it’s time to rise up the Star in you and find out who you really are and achieve anything that you want. Learn all of SSAMM’s special skills in Life coaching and Spirituality and embrace how you got here by moving the energy and doing something different and New. Knowledge is power and it lies from within your Soul.

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I was so lucky and blessed to get an Instagram AD to join the Coven so I joined on 07/07/2020 All the numbers give a total of 18 and 1+8 is 9 which in one of its meanings is letting go and closing cycles! As well as the Universal Interest and the humanitarian spirit, it symbolizes inner light and prioritizing ideals and dreams through emotions and intuition. It also represents my divine mission in life! That’s how magic
works, it’s all about synchronicity.
I’ve learned how to combine magic with miracles I use Intention for Magick and Intersection for Miracles, that’s my SSAMM method. When I joined, I had recently accepted that I’ve always been a High Priestess and Healer. Life would get better and easier once I started being the real me. Xamina has helped me find myself again and develop an ideal and useful mindset, a mastermind. She combines coaching with classes, mindset and business orientation to get to the root causes and the way to merge your soul with your higher self. I manifested a dream home, better and new quality relationships, self-love and spirituality. Abundance is
Prosperity is my new language, it’s always been mine to help others too. If you want to change and change the world with me, start by joining the all access pass! Om School teaches you to apply The Secret to everything! Thanks a million! Infinitely grateful to have asked the Universe for help and have it chosen Xamina and all of our family to be part of my journey J Finally the word Witch does not hurt me anymore I say it proud and loud!
With all of my
#thepeculiarWitchy SSAMM



Let SSAMM bring you clarity on your journey, and share the secrets she has learned in her training with you. The strategies SSAMM has uncovered and mastered can be applied to your life TODAY. 

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