• The Om School Video Training Modules which present the very best strategies and interventions. This world-class multimedia training can be taken on my own pace and schedule.

  • Live Power Sessions. I get six months weekly access to phone-based Power Sessions, where I can get personal questions answered by the school founders. I’ll also hear other coaches getting help and coaching for their practices. I’ll hear and participate in coaching in real time, and I’ll get a weekly boost of inspiration and community.

  • Live Practice Lab. I get six full months weekly access to Weekly Practice Lab, where I can learn a strategy and get immediately paired with another student to practice it, getting valuable coaching experience every time I attend. The easiest way to build my skills as a coach.

  • A Certificate for 100 Hours of Training as a Life Coach showing that I have been trained by the pre-eminent coach training in the world.

  • Board Certified Coach Certification. As a Core 100 graduate, I’m eligible to get the prestigious “Board Certified Coach” certification through the Center for Credentialing and Education. Note: BCC requires a college degree.

What Bonuses Are Included To Give Me Mastery In Every Area Of Coaching?

  1. Coaching Practice Blueprint a coach marketing program that gives you everything you need to start making an income as a coach, in as soon as 30 days.

  2. Client Startup Kit which guides me step by step through the first three sessions with any client, using examples of real phone coaching.

  3. Speaker’s Blueprint a done-for you ready to go presentation that you can give as part of your approach to getting coaching clients.

  4. Business Owner Psychology to increase your productivity as a coach by taking on the mindset of a business owner.


What Is The Membership Bonus for signing up now?

  1.  If you sign up as a Gold Member this month you get a full year of live coaching and practice sessions with the founders of Om School Training. This gives you unparalleled support in signing up and serving your first coaching clients.

  2. Om School Business Coaching Collection A series of coaching sessions Tony did with business owners and executives – so you can learn from the master at how to help any business owner to rediscover their edge and make their business what it should be.

  3. Breakthrough Series Six amazing videos showcasing top strategies for transformation.

  4. Marketing Makeover I will learn how to quickly create my first coaching website, and get marketing feedback and optimization for coaching materials. (For the first 100 Gold Members only.)

  5. Seven Mindsets of Success A new program that leads you through 7 mindsets that will double your productivity. Features 7 new coaching films, each highlighting a specific mindset.




In your Om Training program, you will learn how to work with any client and help them achieve greater happiness, success, better relationships, peak performance, and communication skills. You will get a Certificate of Completion for 100 hours of training as an Intervention Coach. 

Om Training contains three Mastery Units which focus on Strategic Intervention Megastrategies, Navigating Life Stages, Personal Transformation, and Key Decisions. You will learn through watching, doing, discussing, listening, journaling and reading about Strategic Intervention Coaching. We like to empower our students by using every learning modality. 

Details about Om Training 

You will master the Megastrategies. Having broken down hundreds of complex master-level interventions, we’ve been able to identify what we call “Megastrategies.” Megastrategies are the “master moves” that create 80% of the results in an intervention. If you compare the results of a master coach and a less skilled coach, the big difference is not always in what is said – it is in their strength in the Megastrategies. The cool thing is that these are strategies that you can practice in everyday life with friends, family, or even at the supermarket. This way you can start building your skills long before you ever have a coaching client. 

Most importantly, Megastrategies can be communicated simply and deliver a disproportionate level of results. For example, one of the most simple and self-evident of Megastrategies is the Elevation Strategy, meaning your ability in a conversation to bring someone to a higher level of positive intention. This can be done through talking about a goal in an inspiring way, or it can be done simply by complimenting someone on their strengths. It’s an essential skill for any interventionist, and therefore it’s something we ask our members to practice independently in various situations until they become skillful. As you can imagine, being able to inspire someone is a basic but indispensable skill for any leader. For us, it is just one of a number of Megastrategies to be mastered. 

You’ll learn how to navigate life stages as a coach. One of the most important ways to understand someone’s needs (including your own) is to understand the life stage they are working on. You may have two clients come in who express the same desires, have the same goals, and are asking the same questions, but if one of them is a 23 year old single woman, and the other is a 55 year old grandfather, then your understanding and approach need to be different. In our view, each of these life stages represents a juncture point with three or four major goals to be accomplished. These are big achievement items that represent 80% of the success of that life stage by creating a basis for the next stage of your life. For instance, if you’re in your late teens or early 20s, one of your major goals is to leave home in a good way and start working towards a future. If someone comes to you for help as an interventionist and you understand the three or four major goals of the life stage they are in, you are in a great position to orient them towards what they really want and need, and to help them make progress quickly. We focus on stages of the family life cycle from leaving home, to coupling and getting married as a young adult, to having young children, middle-school and teenage children, and managing relationships with older and adult children. 

We continue to learn about navigating life stages. The second half of the family life cycle often covers different territory – where the couple needs to balance more priorities – including older children’s needs, career, finances, and health. As older children become more independent and no longer a source of convenient love, the couple needs to align in their goals, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their bond. This Mastery Unit displays four powerful strategies for resolving conflicts – between couples or partners of any sort. Life Stages apply not only to family and relationship life, careers and businesses have life stages also which need to be understood to provide a well-rounded journey. You’ll learn to be a Six Human Needs expert, able to help anyone at any stage of life by understanding their six human needs. 

So many personal performance issues come from an internal incongruity – a decision, identity, relationship, or belief structure that contradicts or limits your greater intention for your life. These are advanced core strategies for aligning yourself for maximum performance and fulfillment. As Strategic Interventionists, we give each of these an interactive dimension so that you find alignment not only within yourself, but in your key relationships as well. In this Mastery Unit you’ll help clients to revisit and revise the Key Decisions that have directed their life (and can free up new energy and direction from now on.) You’ll learn how to break old strictures in your identity, how to overcome personal crisis and prioritize, and how to reconfigure your life values to bring your maximum congruency and strength. 

Mastery Unit 1 

Module 1: Expanding the Unit 

Title: Starting Over: How to let go of the past and celebrate your life Topic: Identifying resources and overcoming helplessness Intervention: Lyndsey Types of challenges addressed: Marriage, Illness in the Family, Addiction, Low Self-Esteem, Life Purpose, Negative Metaphors. Megastrategies: Changing the Metaphor, Finding the Greatest Resource, Attributing Good Intentions, Expanding the Unit. 

Module 2: Elevation Strategy 

Title: Sexual Healing Topic: Finding meaning and purpose Intervention: Dana & Greg Types of challenges addressed: Marriage, Sexuality, Identity, Emotional and Spiritual Development. Megastrategies: Stages of Emotional and Spiritual Development, Discovering the Positive Intent, Elevation Strategy. 

Module 3: Finding the Spark 

Title: The Power of You Topic: Identifying a strength and magnifying it to create real results Intervention: Beverley Types of challenges addressed: Obesity, Health. Megastrategies: Finding the Spark, Elevation Strategy. 

Module 4: Understanding Life Stages 

Title: Breaking Through: Creating The Life You Deserve Topic: Overcoming fears and breaking through to the life you really want Intervention: Tahnee Types of challenges addressed: Depression, Trust, Relationship, Crazy Eight. Megastrategies: The Triad, Crazy Eight, Changing the Metaphor, Moving to the Next Life Stage. 

Module 5: Leaving Home 

Title: Leaving Home Life stage: Young person leaving home Intervention: Scott Types of challenges addressed: Leaving Home, Transitioning to the Next Life Stage, Hierarchical Incongruities and Cross-Generation Coalitions. Megastrategies: Understanding and Correcting Cross-Generation Coalitions, Expanding the Unit, Moving to the Next Life Stage. 

Module 6: Married with Children 

Title: The Power of Connection: Rekindling Intimacy With Your Lover Life stage: Understanding a Partner’s Changing Needs Intervention: Arantza & Alan Types of challenges addressed: Connection, Intimacy, Understanding a Partner’s Needs. Megastrategies: Understanding a Partner’s Needs, Increasing Presence, Creating a Permanent Bond, Rekindling Passion. 

Mastery Unit 2 

Module 7: Early Marriage 

Title: Untitled Audio Life stage: Taking Responsibility for the Relationship Intervention: Marcus & Belle Types of challenges addressed: Trust, Connection, Intimacy, Overcoming Infidelity, Taking Responsibility for the Relationship, Identity Issues, Rekindling Passion. Megastrategies: Revisiting Identity, Building Trust, Rekindling Passion, Creating a Permanent Bond.


Module 8: Human Needs 

Title: Back From the Edge: Creating Everlasting Love Life Stage: Young Couples Bonus Teleclass: Creating a Permanent Bond Intervention: Paul and Jenn 

Module 9: Relationships 5-10 Years 

Title: Healing the Pain of Betrayal Bonus Teleclass: Finding Forgiveness Life Stage: Setting Aside the Past Intervention: Jessica 

Module 10: Relationships 10-15 Years 

Title: Relationship Storms: Man Enough to Stay the Course Bonus Teleclass: Building Trust Life Stage: Creating Presence and Building Trust Intervention: Sam & Daryl 

Module 11: Families with Children From Prior Marriages 

Title: Overcoming Issues With Stepchildren and Finances Bonus Teleclass: Managing Relationships Life Stage: Integrating Step-Families Intervention: Susanne & Ole 

Module 12: Revisiting & Revising Key Decisions 

Title: Reclaiming Your True Identity: The Power of Vulnerability Bonus Teleclass: Key Decisions & Family Structure Intervention: Lise 

Mastery Unit 3 

Module 13: Breaking Identity 

Title: Overcoming Preconceptions About Yourself Bonus Teleclass: Overcoming family cultural limitations Intervention: Sukey 

Module 14a: Overcoming Crisis & Managing Emotions 

Title: Untitled Audio Bonus Teleclass: Accessing strength & response to crisis Intervention: Jim


Module 14b: Reconfiguring Life Values 

Title: Creating Integrity: Finding Your Values Bonus Teleclass: Values Elicitation Intervention: Jim 2 

Module 15: Coaching Practice Blueprint 

Module 16: Speaker’s Blueprint 


We use a variety of teaching tools to train our Strategic Intervention students to become incredible coaches. Since we believe in your personal strengths, we always give you different modalities for learning. This way all different styles of learning are covered. Below is a list of the way the training meets different learning modalities: 

Om School Live Intervention Video 

These are documentary films of live one-on-one interventions with real people in a group setting. The films begin when one or several people stand up to share a serious life challenge (getting a divorce, going bankrupt, struggling with their health, dealing with family or parenting issues, coping with sex or relationship problems, dealing with a tragedy or trauma) and ends an hour or more later when the problem is resolved. Most films feature follow-up interviews with the participants one to five years later, showing how the intervention has continued to impact their life. These films reveal to you step by step what enables people to create dramatic, permanent core changes in their lives, and how you can learn from these interventions to be able to do them as well. This is the only training available that guides you in detail through interventions “from the inside.” 

Homework Journal 

Each film comes with a homework and journal/questionnaire to strengthen your grasp of the concepts and experiences of the films. If you like to learn by writing, exploring, and doing exercises, this will stimulate your learning process in written form and solidify the concepts in you. 

Recorded Teleclass with each Module 

A one-hour discussion of a major strategy in Strategic Intervention, as well as key information about how Strategic Interventionists navigate different kinds of relationships and situations. You will hear answers to the most common questions from your fellow students, and exactly how these strategies work. 

Live Power Sessions 

In addition to the recorded teleclasses with each Module, we offer live Power Sessions where they take any number of questions about your practice or even your life. Participants often find while absorbing the material that they derive benefits or make new decisions in their personal as well as their professional life. You get weekly practice hearing the most typical problems coaches encounter, solved within a few minutes by applying the right strategy. 

Coaching Practice Sessions 

Participants learn to coach by practicing telephone coaching with another participant. Study Buddies can review material, discuss films, and are given exercises to do together. This is a series of extremely practical training materials that will take you step-by-step through key moves of Strategic Intervention. Coaching Practice Sessions are a great opportunity to make new and lifelong friends. You may utilize Coaching Practice Sessions as much as you like, and will do a minimum of three sessions as a coach, and three sessions as a client. 

Small Live Phone Discussion Groups 

You get together with other students to discuss the Mastery Unit you are working on. Together you understand how the strategies affect different types of people and situations. 

Reading Journeys in Strategic Intervention 

To broaden your understanding of Strategic Intervention, choose some books from a library of relevant books in therapy, coaching, negotiations, management, psychology, or communication. 

Client Startup Kit 

In this kit you get the exact template for your first three coaching sessions so that you know you can start coaching and adding value to people with confidence. You receive three recorded phone coaching sessions which are narrated with explanations and insights about your first sessions with any client. 

Coaching Practice Blueprint 

In this training you’ll learn the tools you need to develop your successful coaching practice. 

Business Owners Psychology 

Setting up a new coaching practice means you need to start thinking like an owner - about your customers and your workday. This training will help you and your clients make that leap. 

SI Solutions 

Practical, actionable series for the SI coach focusing on the most effective strategies for the most common coaching requests. You'll never be at a loss for what to do with a client.

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