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Tantra Magick​ Fundamentals


Here is this week's reading, all about TANTRA MAGICK. 


"Esquires and Handmaidens" as quoted from the book, Tantra Magick...

Optionally, you may explore this Daily Rite as homework... and practice these weekly rituals... the intention is to realize the power of perspective and focus, the fundamentals of any magick or manifestation work. Report your findings and experiences in the group discussion board.


The experiment is as follows....

"The curriculum which follows is intended to explore the limita-

tions and conditionings which must be destroyed before further work

can proceed. It is very important that you keep a separate and complete

record of your twenty six weeks of sense experiment. The curriculum

cannot end after twenty six weeks. The practice of Awake/Awareness

is part of your continual growth.

The Daily Rite

There is an ancient rite or ritual which will daily assist you in this work.

You must perform it upon awakening. No special preparations are

necessary. Spend between five and ten minutes on it. Perform it while

lying in bed, upon awakening.

With both feet together, visualize that a Flame of Great Effulgence

which is the Fire at the End of Time, is kindled in the big toe of your left

foot. Imagine this purifying Flame as striking upwards, enveloping

your feet and legs up to the top of your head.

This fire is called Kalagni-Rudra, or Rudra (= Shiva = Adinath) as

the Fire consuming all at the End of Time. It purifies by burning all into

ashes, which themselves in our Adinatha line are considered sacred,

and the only thing worth leaving when we exit this world of mortals.

When all energies (Shaktis) cease to be then what is left?

Week 1

Differentiate as many shades of the colour grey as you can,

always trying to remember if you have seen the same particular shade



In others' conversation listen carefully for the emotional content

and note any discrepancies between the emotional content and literal

meaning of the words the persons use.

Week 3

Be aware of the taste of all foods as they are eaten. Differentiate

as many shades of taste as you can, and note preferences and dislikes.

Week 4

Utilize your sense of smell, firstly by trying to be aware of the fact

you have a sense of smell.

Week 5

Maintain your awareness of the ground that you walk, sit and lie


Week 6

Observe the facial features of others and your reaction to people

who resemble others you may have known. What is the significance of

various lines, wrinkles, tensions?

Week 7

Listen for sounds, particularly those emanating from the upper

part of the sound spectrum.

Week 8

Take something you would not normally eat, and make yourself

eat it regularly until it ceases to bother you. Completely switch your diet

from what you usually eat during this week. Meditate on the significance

of edible food.

Week 9

Distinguish various smell shades of one particular smell spectrum

- flowers, people, etc.

Week 10

Distinguish various textures by touch of one particular class of


Week 11

Look for utility and design in any given thing. Why does any

given thing have that particular shape? Move between the modifications

of nature (artefacts) and nature Herself.

Week 12

Listen for vocal characteristics in people. Is any given voice soft,

deep, whining, assertive, etc? What does the voice tell you about the

inner being?

Week 13

How is the nature of an object changed by its setting?

Week 14

Listen for sounds emanating from the lower range of the audible


Week 15

Feel your body. How does muscle tension affect the shape or

tone of your body? Make a list in your diary. Look for tensions or lack

of them in other people's bodies.

Week 16

Differentiate shades of blue. Record each occasion you discover

a new shade, and where/when it occurred.

Week 17-20

Repeat the experiments in weeks one to four.

Weeks 21-25

Devise for each of these weeks an experiment based on

Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste and Hearing respectively.

Week 26

Consolidate your twenty-five weeks using the date you have

collected by deep thinking about the significance of the five senses, and

any possible implications.