“From this course your life will be better, and the ability to help those around you becomes a ripple effect of love and support that is priceless. All the love in the world to you all.”

Miley, Coach

“It has been a life changing experience I feel honored to be a part of such a fantastic group of people. This training is taking me to a whole new level. Just keep up the great work and hold on to those core values you clearly all have. Fantastic Thank you.”

Stephanie, Therapist 

“The course gives me an inner confidence and understanding when talking to others. I’m a much happier person. Highly recommend whether for your own personal development or as a change in career. So much more is offered than just the training. There’s a whole world of business and career advice too.”

Linda, Engraving Business Owner

“An awesome learning experience, which can be used in all areas of my life, enabling me to help others progress towards the life they desire. You guys rock! Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant training program.”

Hilary, Personal Trainer/Librarian, Coaching Student

“I would love you to know that never have I been in a more loving, supportive and conscious environment in which my potential is unfolding beautifully and effortlessly. I deeply appreciate you. By sharing your unique gifts and wisdom so generously, I feel inspired to do the same. Love & Blessings”

Deva, Naturopathic Physician and Muse

“A great way to bypass all of the unnecessary schooling required by higher education institutions, and to understand basic, practical human psychology. A great way to understand what’s been holding you back all these years, how to get over that and to truly reach your own potential, and then be able to give this over to others as well, as a friend, as a mentor, as a coach, etc.”

Vitaly, Rabbi and Counselor

“This excellent program has been applicable to both my work and my life. I am looking forward to healing and growth in myself so I can forward it to others. I’ve taken many courses for Health coaching, Nutrition, fitness, etc. to help others. This time, this course is for me and my wellness. The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is seeing things from different angles. It is already shedding light on what makes me tick. I have a lot more to learn. It’s life changing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Deanna, Holistic Health Coach

“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is learning that I can shift my mood, my feeling, in a heartbeat. To others I would say, “Go for it!” – whether they want to use this to help others professionally or just for personal growth and to help in their own personal relationships. I want to thank you all for your expertise and honesty. I love what you all do to make a difference in people’s lives! ”

Joyce, Telecommunications Solutions and Training

“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is how to see my life as a series of facts rather than a story loaded with emotional content. Student Support was great. I had many questions regarding the restructuring of the training and Sahara answered all of my questions and concerns. To others considering the course I’d say, do it! ”

Robert, Retail Management

“The tele-classes each week amaze me. People call up and it seems like there’s no hope, but you guys put your heads together and almost always come up with something amazing. I love it when someone leaves the call excited about what they’re going to do now. And you guys at Om School seem genuinely excited too”

Nadine, Author and Coach

“The training is great. There is a ton of support. I think you all are onto something very big. I believe in my heart that personal relationships are the single most important thing confronting our world today. As a yoga teacher and Structural body worker I witness and work with people everyday who are in physical or emotional pain. If, and when we can heal the pain in our own selves we look at the world differently, interact differently, and treat those around us more compassionately. Watching TXamina's magic in the films and then having Cloe interpret them is so incredibly helpful. When Mark interprets them again for us with the tele-classes things start to click”

Jani, Rolfer of Structural Integration, Nutritional Health Coach and Yoga Teacher

“The program is extremely well structured and there is a wealth of information that is absolutely amazing.”

Joana, Veterinarian

“This is a great course and the techniques to helping others are very interesting. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I now see that the best way I learn is on the spot, through live observation and interaction with clients, and my goal is to develop a personal vision and approach to coaching. This will be the focus of my work. I saw how fast change can take place within any of us if only we believe. Also, the student adviser always gave constructive support and directions and was dynamic even by email I would say that it’s a great way to get introduced to the methods that Om School uses in their coaching work. I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for all the energy, time, effort and love that you put into your work and into designing this course!”

Nonna, Well-Being Coach

“ Professionally, I have a compelling career to look forward to. And I feel I’m very well prepared for Coaching. I think this is the best program out there. Personally, I got over my best friend’s death and have identified other limiting beliefs that were dragging me. Excellent service. Quick, personalized response. Very nice people. I even look forward to talking to them. Jarad has been great handling every question I’ve had Go for it! It’s the best investment I’ve ever done. It’s the best program for coaching and even more than coaching, it’s much better than what people are learning (and spending a lot of money on) in universities. And most important, you can sense the people behind this program are really making an effort to add value to people all around the world. I’m an Industrial Engineer. But I’m starting a Coaching Practice to help young professionals get clear on what they want out of their life. From the bottom of my heart… Thank you. People like you make me belief there’s a way for us as a human race to come around and makes me want to be a light for others as you have been for me.”

Jorge, Coach

“I’m so grateful for all the research and years of your life work so generously shared in the format, a heart felt thank you.”

Amerinda, Hypnotherapist

“Learned to trouble shoot myself and others, it works. Thank you Om School for your magnificent, amazing, determination and insight to put a program like this together and share it with world by elevating the consciousness and far better understanding of human relations.”

Paul, Yoga instructor and massage therapist

“This gave me the ability to communicate to others and myself how to overcome addictions, fear, and lack of confidence. I’ve sent questions via email and have always received quick and accurate responses. It’s the best training you could ever get. I love this training, I would refer it even to my worst enemy..it’s that great!”

Kiesha, Minister, Massage Therapist, Holistic Life Coach

“Thank you for putting all this together. I am very grateful to you and for you.”

Trent, Life Coach

“I highly recommend this program. Please join with them you will transform your life!”

Nubia, Consultant and Coach

“Thank you guys for what you gave to me, I have learned and grow at the same time, as person and entrepreneur.”

Rony, Life and Business Coaching

“Thanks, this is amazing! For understanding polarity in relationships and masculine vs. feminine energy and how this produces passion. If your relationships work then everything works!”

Tobin, Cognitive Skills Specialist, teaching classes to men and women in correctional and treatment facilities

“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a clear concise way to not only better understand human behavior, but readily and easily guide people to change. I think anyone would benefit from this training. I have been working in the insurance industry, but have been considering life coaching as a career for many years. This training has made that dream more realistic for me. Thank you!”


“I would recommend this training, because I am learning so much about myself as well as for my job.”

Matty, Psychosynthesis Counselling/Life-Coaching

“I’m learning about what drives human behavior, Xamina breaks down the interventions explains things in easily digestible language, I also like the really practical advice and structure around concepts – I believe that both styles really compliment each other. Go for it, it is worth the investment. I’m very impressed with the genuine course content and I really like the different styles of learning & reinforcement from films, transcripts, through to live tele-classes. It helps the learning to come alive!”

Karen, Parenting worker and previously Youth worker for many years in local government

“It’s very rich and I’m thrilled to be in a class where what has been promised is delivered – in spades!”

Jonell, Somatic Educator, Movement and Massage Therapist


“I continue to look forward to all the new information that seems to become available to us. Also the availability of all the discussions and teleconferences is great. I go back and listen often always gaining more insight.

Niki, Marriage and Family Therapist, Mediator and Arbitrator, Teacher, Author

“I would recommend making the commitment by signing up and participating in learning as much as you can. And I would tell them to prepare to be positioned to blow your life open and become the best you. Your training is brilliant and wonderful! Thank you for collaborating and for caring enough to bring this to us! By simply watching the public videos I learned enough to make the choice that I had been wrestling with for years, to choose happiness in any given moment. Thank you for that!!!”

Aprilani, Medical Statistician for the US Army

“A massive vision for helping people transform their lives! You’ll never ever regret it.”

Julia, Teacher, Musician

“I am almost finished, but keep wanting more, every time I watch the films again I get new info, details more insights out of it. I like the simple (very workable) structure for insight into peoples’ motivation to do the things they do, and help them to change their actions and focus to be more aligned to what they really are longing for and make it in harmony with their environment. The training is priceless and life changing, it will improve your insights and quality in all areas of your life. You are absolutely amazing!”


“Xamina is a rare professional; direct, insightful, compassionate and dead on in her responses. Worth every penny for any professional, no matter experience level, as discussions are astutely relevant. Keep up the thoughtful and engaging work.”

Jan, Certified Professional Life Coach, Recovery Coach, RN

“Amazing insight into why we humans do what we do, and how to create lasting paradigm shifts regarding why we do what we do. I would strongly urge them to do so as it will forever change and improve their lives, as well as enable them to do the same for others. Keep up the awesome work and keep living with passion!!!!!”

Angel, Minister and Homemaker, and future Life Coach

“I think they’ve done a tremendous job with the site and training. EXCELLENT.”

Todd McQuade

“The six human needs and confirmation that work with metaphor are really powerful. Thanks for all you’re doing in the world!”

Coach and Musician

“In this training you get insights first of all about yourself. I can advise this training to everybody who is working with children or adults for a deeper and compassionate understanding of human nature. Your relationship rules changed my attitude towards my love. He is my priority! Thank you, I got clarity for my life on all levels.”

Irina, Grief Counselor

“It gave me confidence that I can be direct with my clients, love them AND not believe their stories. I have seen amazing results already!”

Heather, Coach for families with children with special needs

“Amazing insight into why we humans do what we do, and how to create lasting paradigm shifts regarding why we do what we do. Keep up the awesome work and keep living with passion!!!!!”

Angel, Minister and Homemaker, and future Life Coach



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