Become High Priest of Priestess Of...

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As A High Priest/ess Of The Coven You Will:

  • Master Your Inner Power and Intuition

  • Become A Master of Ancient Magick and Ceremonial Rituals From Around The World

  • Learn to Heal Your Suffering, Clear Your Limitations and Align With Your Higher Purpose

  • Finally Manifest Your Dream Life

  • Connect And Tap Into The Power of 2000+ Good Witches Internationally for Support, Love and Encouragement 

  • Learn How To Lead Your Own Coven, and Become a Confident Spritual Leader

  • Use Your Magick To Heal and Empower Others, Creating An Incredible Impact On The World 

  • Skyrocket Your Career As A Practicioner 

"I just want to say that this course is mind-blowing. I've been doing personal development for the past 11 years, and your school is next level. It's truly amazing." -Katie, Student.

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Begin your training as a High Priestess. 

Inner magick;

Manifesting love, Money and Wealth from within.

Join us in a ceremony for Drawing Down the Moon.



Spells, manifestation work and ceremonial magick

Enhancing Your Power:

Embody the High Priestess from within with confidence and intuition.

 How to lead a coven;

the history and future of raising the vibrations of the universe with your power.


Creating your coven;

Strategy session to gain clarity on your future as a High Priestess, practitioner and powerful leader. 



Initiation Ceremony;

Receive your diploma and Book of Shadows.

Help lead first international Full Moon Ceremony.

Gain access to the community, library, and classes.

Begin your journey as a spiritual leader.




Intro to Alchemy:

Transforming  Fear, Instability and Insecurity​

Understanding Chakra Balancing and Transforming Energy ​

Wounded Inner Child Healing 

Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energies 

Healing addiction, bad habits and co-dependent behavior

Learning Forgiveness and Releasing Trauma

Healing Generational trauma​

Universal Laws of Manifestation

Soul Purpose Discovery 

Opening the Gates to Psychic Energy

Dream Life Development


Taoist Cosmic Healing 

Ancient Symbolism: Planets, Animals, Iconography ​​

Past Lives, Soul Contracts and Akashic Record

Tantric Healing Theta Healing, Psychometry

Astral Projection, Parallel Lives & Quantum Jumping

Integrated Energy Therapy with Archangels, Aura Strengthening

Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Karmic Partners 


Secrets of the Illuminati and Freemasons

Seals of Solomon and The Kabbalah

Tantric Magick

Yin & Yang, Feng Shui and the Ba Gua

​Jewish Mysticism: The Kabbalah and the Zohar

Catholic Mysticism 

Islamic and Ancient Egyptian Mysticism

Covens, Practices and Rituals 

Crystals, Herbs and Candles

Magickal Foods and Potions

Creating Spells Online Workshop

DMT: How to Create it Naturally, & Psychedelics in Religion

Plant medicines and herbal remedies

Natural Beauty with Nutrition and Herbal Remedies

Ceremonial herbs and plants

Shamanism and Spiritual Medicine

Divination, Numerology, Tropical and Ancient Astrology

Master Level Tarot Reading

Dream Interpretation

The Lost Texts & Secrets of Spiritual Leaders

Gods, Goddesses, Deities and Angels

Theology and the intersecting key of religions

Sacred Geometry

Encoding DNA to Embody Your Higher Power

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Life has completely changed today for me. In a few months of learning I feel like I’ve done years of therapy for this life and past lives . Even being so affordable is fate for me.. Xamina makes it so that you learn at your own pace and for me I jump right in to things I love. From being more present in the now, to knowing what I want for my life. I know how to shake off [triggers] and depression easier.  I know that if I can do it anyone can do it. Thank you OM School you have helped me discover I’m capable of so many things and I can give purpose to a higher calling, and that I had this power within me all along."


Alex, Student .

Welcome to Om School! We are dedicated to providing you the tools for transformation, so you can align with your highest power. Join us in creating a butterfly effect of healing.

Through weekly group coaching, an extensive esoteric library, supportive community, and one-on-one guidance, we not only offer an educational experience but also a platform to grow and ascend with like-minded mystics all over the world. 

We look forward to this journey with you!

What You Will Receive As A Member:

  • Monthly Full Moon Workshops, Ceremonies & Meditations

  • Access to our VIP Full Moon Initiation Ceremony on Samhain

  • Receive your Diploma as a High Priestess of The Coven at Om School

  • Access to our VIP Group Discussion Board for Good Witches

  • Have access to teach, sell, and trade on an international platform

  • BONUS! Receive the Book of Shadows 

With your certifications, we prepare you to work as a successful practitioner, spiritual leader and healer. You will be able to work as an energy healer, coach, instructor, shaman, High Priest or Priestess, or spiritual entrepreneur.