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Become A High Priestess of The Coven.


As A Spiritual Leader Of The Coven You Will:


  • Join a supportive and loving community of good witches

  • Gain access to deep and rare knowledge on the occult

  • Learn how to manifest limitless love and wealth from within

  • Enhance your powers and inner magick

  • Learn how to draw down the moon in an ancient ceremony

  • Master your spellcraft and manifestation work

  • Gain incredible confidence and intuition

  • Learn how to lead a coven, and use your power for good

  • Gain clarity on your future and purpose as a practitioner

What You Will Receive As A High Priestess:

  • Access to our VIP Full Moon Initiation Ceremony on Samhain

  • Receive your Diploma as a High Priestess of The Coven at Om School

  • Receive the Book of Shadows & Manifestation Workbook

  • Access to Monthly Full Moon Workshops, Ceremonies & Meditations

  • Access to our VIP Group Discussion Board for Good Witches

  • Have access to teach, sell, and trade on an international platform

  • Receive access to one year of Spiritual Alchemy & Mysticism Courses

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