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  • Design your dream life, along with an easy strategy to skyrocket you to achieving your goals

  • Learn how to transform your fears into power

  • Realize your true self, with clear direction and clarity on what you want 

  • Develop a personalized strategy to feel peace, clarity and happiness in every day life

  • Leave the call with a deep understand of yourself and a bright outlook on your future

A Letter From Our Founder...

Dear Seeker,


My name is Xamina Nova and my mission is to transform your life. Before being introduced to energy healing, I was a product of self-sabotage and anxiety. Jobs, relationships, friendships, family and money were near impossible to hold onto. My daily actions and behavior were reactions to past trauma, and as a result I lost everything I cared for.  


Therapists, medication, and traditional education had all failed me in improving my situation. I decided to stop looking outside of myself for the answer. I took a deep dive into spiritual practices, and discovered that the answer to all human suffering is within.

In 2012 I began working professionally as a healer, and have since dedicated my life to helping others enjoy the same sense of freedom, joy and peace within themselves. Each of us has a light, and all we need is guidance to access the love within ourselves. While every humans' circumstances, traumas, and lives are drastically different, the key to personal transformation is universal. ​ I look forward to joining you on this journey!

Love and light,


Xamina Nova

President and Founder

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Here's What Our Students Say About Xamina Nova And Om School™
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"Not only has Om School allowed me to go inward to seek my inner light but it has given me the tools to be successful at my pursuit of tapping into my highest being. I’ve realized my limitations and use all the guidance and support that is offered by Om School to continue to craft the dream life I now believe I am worthy of living, together with fulfilling my purpose which Om School has allowed me to realize" -Tintswalo.

About Your Spirit Guide


Tintswalo is a Certified Om Coach and Energy Healer. She specializes in The Chakra System, DNA reprogramming, Generational Trauma, PTSD meditations, Wounded Child (Shadow work) , Reparenting your inner child, Journaling and Theta healing.



Her interests include Writing, Working out, Reading, Personal Development, Charity work, Dancing, Meditation and Motivation speaking. She is an adventure seeker, a creative and a free spirit at heart.

It's Time To See Your Own Light

  • Clear yourself from the invisible blockages that have caused you to feel lost, anxious or insecure. 

  • Uncover the root cause of feelings of emptiness.

  • Learn how to feel whole and complete. 

  • Learn how to stop sabatoging your life

  • Transform the darkness into light, and have complete control of your emotions and environment

  • Replace compulsive habits of eating, bad relationships or overindulging with a feeling that YOU ARE ENOUGH. 



Let Tintswalo bring you clarity on your journey, and share the secrets she has learned in her training with you. The strategies Tintswalo has uncovered and mastered can be applied to your life TODAY. 

Book your private session with Tinstwalo now, and begin the next chapter in your Dream Life.