Cosmic Powers

Shamanic Plant Medicine Retreat

Join Xamina in a 4 day plant medicine retreat in the Mojave Desert to achieve GALACTIC BREAKTHROUGHS.

This is not just an event, this is an activation of your highest self. A dramatic shift into abundance in every area of your life.

ONLY 9 adventurous and determined students will be invited to completely change the world by changing their own lives.


Five days of cosmic sorcery, plant medicine, shifts in consciousness, and designing a new universe inside and out.



Experience your highest power and ultimate truth.


Experience powerful shifts in all areas of your life.


Release into abundance, love, freedom, joy and CLARITY.

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime beautiful experience in a magickal, sacred space... with Xamina and friends!


This is an incredible in-person experience that Xamina has hosted in the past. See what students had to say...

Happy Man

“Every cell in my body resonated with the message.

The Cosmic Powers Retreat has opened up so many doors for myself and my business that I don’t exaggerate in saying that it was one of the most important experiences of my life. I am rapidly manifesting this year is directly correlated with the deep inner-work of that amazing retreat .”

–Dani, CEO, Los Angeles.

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Since working with Xamina in the Mojave Desert last year my life has completely transformed. I arrived there feeling lost, stuck and without purpose. I left with full clarity on exactly who 
I am, what my purpose is, what I needed to do and how powerful I really am. I will never forget our incredible experience that week, it is one of my favorite memories

-Emma, Founder and Owner, New 


Cosmic Powers Retreat is a 4-day full immersion experience using ancient wisdom and the guidance of sacred plant medicines to unleash abundance in all areas of one’s life.

Xamina works with your unique experience on the retreat to guide you into grounding into your purpose, grounding it into impact, and transforming that purpose into showing up in the world in a limitless way!

  • Clarity and transformation work in natural hot springs under the moon and stars!

  • Life-changing plant medicine for your energetic expansion

  • Deep internal mindset re-wiring

  • Personalized alchemy and Shamanic work

  • Rewiring of stuck unconscious emotions

  • Tapping into higher levels of abundance

  • A high-level immersive environment

  • Breathwork ceremonies

  • Plant medicine journeys

  • Shamanic massages

  • Abundance ancestry ceremonies


PLUS! ...

  • Desert Meditation Walks

  •  Sacred Intention Bonfire Ceremony

  • Natural Hot Spring Cleansing Ritual

  • The Ultimate Soundbath Experience

  • Spa Treatments and massages! To release toxins after your journey.

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